Blue Glass, Madison Park Conservatory Opening

Last week was a blur of getting snowed in and ramping up for Thanksgiving, so there's a little news to fill you in on.

I told you about the restaurant replacing Sostanza back in October. Well, there's finally more news on the place. Last Saturday marked the Madison Park Conservatory's "open house"; they're doing a "soft opening" starting today. Unfortunately the website isn't functioning yet, so if you're curious you can read more about it in the Madison Park Blogger's post.

Dan Cowen, owner of the beloved Tractor Tavern, has taken over the Tiger Tail space in Ballard and is opening The Blue Glass there this Thursday. Look for "global comfort food" and an affordable wine list, plus a full bar.

And finally, according to theCapitol Hill Seattle blog, Thai Curry Simple's take-out window will open Thursday. Hooray!