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309 Third Ave. S
Seattle, WA 98104

There is no better place to praise the lard than at Salumi, Seattle’s own temple of pork, where the Batali family prepares overstuffed sandwiches for the patrons snaking out the door of their charcuterie/restaurant. The Porchetta is a behemoth crammed full of juicy chunks of pork shoulder with braised carrots, fennel, celery, onions and an herby, garlicky spread—a veritable ode to this most delicious of beasts. (Piggy heaven is yours for about $9.)

Pioneer Square
Lunch Tue.-Fri., 11am-3:30pm
Wheelchair Accessible
Cuisine Type:
$10 or less
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It’s easy to get stuck in a comfortable rut if you’re a regular at the still stellar 13-year-old Salumi. The skillfully assembled sandwiches are, after all, the best kind of flavor bomb: paper-thin... more »